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Our sponsor

Sponsors are the lifeblood of our trade. They provide us with the means to keep our pricing down - so that we can match the price for extermination. They help us purchase the right protective equipment and tools for our work, and to actively seek out and develop new apiary sites for our rescued bees.

Our Bee Rescue Programme is currently sponsored by global logistics company Kuehne+Nagel's Global Meadow initiative, and disbursed through charitable German institute Stiftunglife.


In 2022, Kuehne+Nagel is planting flowers for each employee. That’s 80,000 m² of flowering meadows supporting biodiversity and local conservation projects. 

For our project, they are supporting our work in bee rescues, development of an apiary, and planting of a native flower garden to encourage bee friendly spaces. The Sundowner is very glad to put Singapore on the world map – read our sponsorship letter here!

Join us as a Sponsor

Sponsorship of apiary space

Sponsoring your space for an apiary benefits everyone!


It helps us to ensure our current apiaries dont overcrowd and cause competition for floral resources. And due to the limited flight range of our local species, keeping our rescue nests in diverse locations encourages more pollination throughout our island. Most importantly, the bees will ensure the pollination of the plants in your space as well as increase overall biodiversity.

If you have a garden or rooftop we can access to house our rescued bees, please contact us.


As our current sponsorship fund is finite, your contribution counts. Your donation will be 100% used for bee conservation purposes, such as operations, equipment, or training. It will be fully accountable for. We will also credit you in our social posts!

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Our Partners & Clients

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Anticimex was the first pest control company to partner with us to offer bee relocation services in early 2022. They wanted to offer clients an alternative to exterminating bees.

Sometimes bees would need to be urgently exterminated when they threaten human safety. But most times, they are just minding their own business and are ok to be relocated by us. 

This move helped to shift the market to adopt humane bee relocation, and many other pest control companies have offered our services since. 

Since then, we have also partnered with Pestbusters, Killem Pest, The Pest Control Company, Rentokil, and Pestology. All this will add up to a serious number of bees not exterminated!

Killem Pest is our valuable bee rescue partner in 2023, with the most number of active rescues in 1Q '23. Most people with a bee issue simply want them removed, not necessarily humanely relocated. But Killem (despite the name) is fully committed to saving the bees, and routes all requests to us to see if we can relocate. 

Read their article here and watch the educational video too! 

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TCs join the movement!

In part due to our work, the sentiment towards bees has shifted, to such an extent that even the state is on board! AMK and Jurong-Clementi Town Councils have engaged us in 2022 to offer humane bee relocation services. They previously had only engaged pest control to exterminate all nests. Now, their ground officers will text us the situation and we will assess how to speedily relocate the bees. 

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