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How You Can Help

Because every action can make a difference

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Inform & Educate

One great way of helping the bees is to inform and educate your family and friends. It's important to spread the word of the incredibly important role that bees perform.


Bees are also not naturally aggressive. If and when bees move into our living space, extermination is NOT the only option.


Bee relocation by The Sundowner provides them with the chance to carry on with their crucial role in the environment.


If and when you spot a bee colony:

1. Not a living space or close to any human activity?

Just leave them be to continue their good work!

2. Close to a living space or dense human activity?

a. Do not approach too closely. Take photos from a distance, allowing for clear and precise markers for easier spotting of the nest.

c. If you own the space, please give us a call so that we can help!

b. If this space is managed by a Town Council or Condo MCST, your quick action is needed as others may first report and insist they get exterminated. If it is within your capability, please insist that they use non-destructive, non-chemical methods of bee removal, or that they can call us to do the job. 

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We depend on a pool of volunteers to help out with our Bee Rescues. If you think you would be interested to do your part and help out in such activities, please contact us.

Volunteers will be provided with the proper training and equipment. If found suitable, volunteers will be added to the pool. Volunteers will be paid a stipend for their time and effort for every Bee Rescue.

Bee-Friendly Spaces

If you manage a public garden, and would like bees to be there, let us know! We can safely demarcate a zone for them within your space. 

If you're of the gardening persuasion, having some bee-friendly plants in your garden goes a long way to helping out the bees. They may use it as a resting spot or even a regular site for them to gather nectar and pollen.

Some good bee-friendly plants

1. Blue Snakeweed

2. Coral Vine

3. Golden Dewdrop

4. Javanese Ixora

5. Sweet / Thai Basil

6. Pagoda Flower

If you own your own a garden and would like us to help develop it into an apiary site, let us know!

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