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The haBEEtat Box

haBEEtat box.png

Ever wanted to be a beekeeper?​ Now you can!

The Asian honeybee / Apis cerana is the most common honeybee species in Singapore. But because it nests in cavities (e.g. under your roof), it's not easy to relocate or even exterminate them, as they are often high up and out of reach. We often have to cut into the ceiling to reach them. This results in expensive repairs and stress to the relocated bees. 

Enter the haBEEtat Box!

By thinking inside the box, we have created the most conducive environment for the Asian honeybee to nest in. Purchasing one from us potentially saves you the hassle of dealing with bees moved into your roof, ceiling or cupboard. This box is especially useful for MCSTs that have to pay for relocation or extermination of Asian honeybees. Simply purchase one and leave it at a shaded and dry spot.  

Every haBEEtat Box is:

  • Made from used wine crates (destined for the landfill), used wood, and painted over for weather-resistance.

  • Modified internally to suit the conditions that Asian honeybees look for in a nesting site.

  • Baited with old beeswax to encourage bees to move into the box -- rather than somewhere else in your property.

  • Collected when a colony has moved in, and relocated to our network of Bee Sanctuaries around Sg.

  • For those who want to keep bees, you can leave the inhabited haBEEtat Box there, so that the bees can continue their important work of pollination!

  • This eliminates the need for extermination. Honeybees are a major pollinator and along with other pollinators, are a key part of our Living In Nature master plan.


$100 + 9% GST per box, includes the below:

- 2 frames, plus installation, consultation, and removal service if bees move in.

-   If you buy 2 boxes or more, 20% discount. 

To purchase / consult, whatsapp Clarence at 96177164 / email

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